About Me

Hey, I'm David, a 24 year old Computer Science Master's Student at the City College of New York. I currently hold a B.E. in Computer Engineering.

Throughout the years as an undergraduate student, I've worked on projects in several different fields - Computer Vision, Cryptography, Robotics, Mathematics and Mobile (Android and iOS). During my Senior year, I was introduced to the power of web development through my research on Graphyte - a scientific collaboration tool consisting of several web services built using Django, Pyramid and MongoDB. My first contribution to this project was Caesium, a real-time notification system built using Node.js, Socket.io and Redis.

Since then, I've been deeply invested in all things web-related. I began creating web applications and services using all the hottest frameworks that I could get my hands on: Flask, Django, Node.js, Express.js, Angular.js, Ember.js, D3.js, and recently React.js.

In my spare time, I enjoy writing, reading and playing the occasional video game but mostly building them. I am a huge advocate of open-source development and a firm believer in John Resig's write code every day. While commit streaks do not equate to the skill of a developer, they help keep my skills sharp while I work on the every day projects that I love.

Project Showcase

Django Hackathon Starter

A boilerplate for Django web applications. Contains various social logins such as Twitter, Github, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Facebook and much more, along with API examples using Instagram, Foursquare, Twilio, Dropbox, New York Times and more.

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A Bitbucket data aggregation tool built using Django, jQuery, and Bitbucket's RESTful API. Features a centralized issue tracker, repository subscription manager and reports/graphs which enumerate the commit and issue activity of each user in a subscribed repository. Technetium is currently used to monitor and visualize student activity of software engineering group projects.

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Chronicles of the Abyss

A faithful recreation of Fire Emblem - The Blazing Sword built using the ImpactJS game engine. Features customized Artificial Intelligence including A* pathfinding, deep weapon and inventory systems, player interactions (trade and assist), expansive shop system, extravagant animation systems, and a handful of new and exciting maps and chapter objectives. Includes extensions to the game engine itself with an expansive inventory and GUI system, as well as extensions to the default sound classes. Completely playable with the mouse to enhance user experience.

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Koopa Krisis

An HTML5 game built on top of the ImpactJS game engine. Developed as a just-for-fun project for the City College of New York Association for Computing Machinery Game Development Student Interest Group. Features over two dozen enemies with varying artificial intelligence, power-up system, with over a dozen fun and playable levels.

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